Roseleaf Cafe

Good Brew & Bake People

Nestled in the oasis of the Dubai Garden Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road, Roseleaf Café has been opened by a bunch of coffee-loving kiwis, offering home cooked kitchen goodness amongst a backdrop of garden greenery and eclectic domestic décor. 

Managed by Rose herself, the menu is unpretentious, affordable and, most importantly, feel-good. Using generational recipes, Rose serves up nourishing soups to fresh-thinking salads, along with signature baked sweet treats, sandwiches and daily lunch specials that will take your taste buds back home and then keep you coming back in for more. 

Roseleaf Café uses seasonal, single-origin coffee, batch-roasted by a certified ‘Q-Cup’ Roastmaster and then crafted with love by trained baristas who care. If you are a tea-lover, explore our range of whole-leaf premium teas, served in our old-school china teacups. 

Parking is no problem (front and back of the building) and the wi-fi is always on which makes either a speedy takeout or leisurely lunch meeting always an option. 

Finally...real coffee, real food and a space for those who are switched on to a good thing! 

What’s Brewing?

Specialty Coffee is what we do. Small cups. No sugar needed. 

Through the espresso machine we have seasonal, single origin coffee as well as an organic options, all batch roasted by local roasters and then crafted with love by our professional barista team. With Dubai’s specialty coffee scene now booming, we can carefully select the best single origin beans from emerging roasters who we wish to partner with and showcase their craft.

If you are a tea-lover, explore our range of whole-leaf premium T2 tea from Australia, served in our old-school porcelain china teacups.

If coffee or tea isn’t your thing, we have a delicious range of imported boutique sodas and detoxifying, ready-to drink-elixirs from the UAE’s artisanal producers. Our smoothie range is carefully planned with seasonal, high quality and organic ingredients freshly made to order on request.